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One issue I hear a lot from teachers in our district is that many children are not getting proper early-childhood education. Massachusetts does NOT have universal pre-k. That is unacceptable. With a sensible tax policy, we can assign adequate resources to ensuring that all children in Massachusetts attend pre-school. The science is clear: when a child forgoes pre-school, they will be at a disadvantage as they progress through school. NO child in Massachusetts should be at a disadvantage! This is why I will fight for universal pre-k at the Statehouse if elected in November. 

We also have to acknowledge that not everyone is cut out for college or higher education. Many people simply want the opportunity to earn a decent living wage. This is why we need to focus more attention on providing Massachusetts’ kids with vocational training before high school graduation. This will involve more than expanding “shop class.” If elected, I will fight to get our students the education needed to start immediately earning high wages upon leaving high school. This will include education on the history and importance of union and labor organizing, exposing students to the different types of trades and how to get certified in specific fields, and by teaching a relevant, vocational curriculum that will increase a student’s employability upon graduating high school. As a lawyer who represents many people from the trades, I see firsthand how much easier it is for families when one or both of the parents have sustainable workforce skills.

Another issue I will champion if elected is college affordability. There is no reason why a Massachusetts student should be swamped with ungodly debt for attending a public university. If we are going to be a society that values education for our citizens then we need proper leadership so our policies accurately reflect that priority. Assigning the resources to lower tuition and expand access to scholarships is desperately needed. With a proper tax structure in Massachusetts, we can achieve a higher educational system that is accessible. Making Massachusetts’ public universities affordable, or even tuition-free, is not impossible but it will require strong leadership. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts has the opportunity to go to college.

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